CSA 2010 maybe delayed, it’s still coming-Are you ready?

Are you and your drivers familiar with the new CSA 2010 enforcement program the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is in the process of initiating? If not, it’s time to get with the program.

All DOT recordable crashes, roadside inspection reports and data from safety audits will be collected by the FMCSA just like they are now. However, when looking at roadside inspection reports, the CSA 2010 system will use all violations noted to calculate a carrier’s score, not just the out-of-service violations. One other change is that the CSA 2010 system will use seven narrow Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) rather than four broad Safety Evaluation Areas (SEAs). By “slicing the data narrower” (seven BASICs rather than four SEAs) and using more data (using all violations rather than just out-of-service violations, the FMCSA believes they will have a better view of problems a carrier may be having.

The seven BASICs are:

  • Unsafe driving (violations of traffic laws and Part 392)
  • Fatigue driving (violations of Parts 392 and 395)
  • Driver Fitness (violations of Parts 383 and 391)
  • Controlled substances and alcohol (violations of Parts 382 and 392)
  • Vehicle Maintenance (violations of Parts 393 and 396)
  • Cargo (violations of Subpart 1 of Part 393 and hazardous material regulations)
  • Crash history

With the high severity assigned to these violations under the CSA 2010 enforcement program, your organization could be greatly affected by any infraction. However violations can be prevented.

The professionals at Priority Medical Consulting and Review (PMCR) are experts in exam management and Part 391 of the FMCSA regulations. We have worked with large companies like FedEx Express, DHL, BellSouth and Coca Cola assisting them with their compliance as well as their driver’s fitness and safety.

PMCR would review all your DOT physicals for errors, completeness, protentionally disqualifying medication and/or medical concern/disqualifying diagnosis. The medical staff would work with the employee and the employee’s physician to get the specific documentation to determine if the employee is compliant with Part 391 of the FMCSA regulation and determine if the employee is physically fit and safe to operate a commercial motor vehicle on public highways. Our medical professional would also be able to assist with waivers (Vision and or Insulin), determining if a Skilled Performances Evaluation (SPE) or a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is required. We also act as a liaison to the DOT examiner as often times we are able to get more documentation to support medical fitness.

Statistics show that 38 percent of DOT physicals have errors. The accuracy of these examinations is important not only for company’s compliance with regulations, but also because employers are held responsible, along with physicians, for any mistakes. Since any medical practitioner authorized to conduct physical examinations in their state can complete these, there is often a great discrepancy in quality and completeness.

There have been many changes in the medical certification process with many more to come. Medical standards and guidelines are currently being reviewed. They have already made significant recommendations to change the medication criteria and cardiovascular guidance.

If you would like PMCR to assist you with your compliance regarding Part 391 and your driver’s fitness and safety please feel free to contact me at 303-644-4932 or through this website.  I would also be happy to provide you with a complimentary physical review or medical consult if you have an employee where there is a medication/ medical concern or just want a physical reviewed for errors and/or for compliance with regulations.

Call us today at 303-644-4932 for more information.

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